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Required work in development, deployment, maintenance, and operation of automated processes often structured as jobs. Increased human freedom to do other things. Automation primarily describes machines replacing human action, but it is also loosely associated with mechanization, machines replacing human labor. Coupled with mechanization, extending human capabilities in terms of size, strength, speed, endurance, visual range acuity, hearing frequency precision, electromagnetic sensing effecting, etc, advantages include: 52. Relieving humans of dangerous work stresses and occupational injuries e.g, fewer strained backs from lifting heavy objects. Removing humans from dangerous environments e.g. fire, space, volcanoes, nuclear facilities, underwater, etc. The main disadvantages of automation are.: High initial cost. Faster production without human intervention can mean faster unchecked production of defects where automated processes are defective. Scaled-up capacities can mean scaled-up problems when systems fail releasing dangerous toxins, forces, energies, etc, at scaled-up rates. Human adaptiveness is often poorly understood by automation initiators. It is often difficult to anticipate every contingency and develop fully preplanned automated responses for every situation.
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The topic of automation cuts across all levels of industry, rather than serving as a stand-alone technology, and particularly affects the fields of control systems cyber security, industrial wireless sensors, systems interoperability, and other basic automation technologies necessary for the success of industrial enterprises.
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